318 Highland Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
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HometownBrooklyn, NY
MajorInformation Science
Ariel grew up in the concrete jungle of NYC and is studying Information Science with a minor in Business. Despite his urban upbringing, he is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping, hiking, and all things natural. Some of his greatest passions are web and graphic design. He's always looking for the next adventure and spending quality bro time.
HometownSeoul, Republic of Korea
CollegeArts & Sciences
Tim was born and raised in Seoul, Korea until 2006 when my parents decided to send me to Honolulu, Hawai'i where my aunt and uncle reside. My parents have wished me to study abroad not only to study English but also to study in a more diverse, larger and opportunistic atmosphere and allow me to learn from many different perspectives. Since then, I completed my middle school and high school in Honolulu and fortunately arrived at Ithaca to continue my education. I am blessed to be part of Acacia.
HometownWendell, MA
MajorInformation Science
Dana is from Wendell, a very small town in western Massachusetts. He is a Information Science major and enjoys playing video games, Ultimate Frisbee, basketball (it helps to be tall), rock climbing, and hanging out with friends. He is excited about his years with Acacia and hopes both he and the fraternity will benefit from his membership.
HometownGaithersburg, MD
MajorElectrical and Computer Engineering
Sid Nanda is an ECE major who loves lamb curry, microprocessors, and Game of Thrones. He would like to point out that he was a fan of the books way before it became mainstream, gosh. In his spare time, he writes poems and lurks on Reddit. He does not yet have an account. He has made several throwaways though. Sid is minoring in Business, as he wants to end up working for a venture capital firm at some point. He is just as confused as you are as to why he is majoring in ECE. Probably because he thinks it's badass.
HometownTulsa, Oklahoma
MajorBiological Sciences & Entomology
Hunter fell in with the brothers of Acacia almost immediately after he transferred from Tulsa Community College. Though technically older than some brothers, Hunter remains young at heart by staying active and keeping an open mind. In fact, his interests are so varied that he has found himself studying architecture, larval insects, urban development, vascular plants, and women’s studies despite his goals of becoming a radiologist. Hunter enjoys being a nelipot and serving as vice president for the bug club.
HometownDubai, UAE
CollegeCollege of Architecture, Art, and Planning
MajorFine Arts
Chan Seth is a Fine Arts major with a Business minor. He is passionate about painting and its potential contribution to society, and hopes to dominate the art world of the 21st century; indeed he hopes that Cornell and Acacia can help him achieve this ambitious goal. His finer pursuits in life include jazz piano, Indian cooking and ultimate frisbee. When he is not working towards his artistic vision, he enjoys hosting his radio show on WVBR 93.5FM and composing music with his band. College are four years that he is certain can help him realize his potential as an artist and entrepreneur.
HometownDenver, CO
CollegeCollege of Arts and Sciences
MajorComputer Science
Jacob was born in Denver, Colorado and is pursuing a maajor in Computer Science and a minor in Biology. His favorite book is Paradise Lost, and he likes dragons. In his free time he enjoys playing sports, exercising, playing video games, and watching movies.
HometownZhengzhou, Henan
CollegeCollege of Architecture, Art, and Planning
Reuben Chen comes from Zhengzhou, Henan, China, and is an Architecture student. He must be good at design and drawing or stuff. Normally he likes to watch movies, especially action and comedy, to kill time. He also enjoys playing video games and pong. Something interesting about Reuben is that he dropped high school and took two and a half years setting up a company, doing internships in Beijing on Internet management and construction, and traveling across China on his bike. He also held a DJ party in china during high school. Reuben likes to have fun, and looks forward to the following years as a brother of Acacia.
HometownWest Long Branch, NJ
CollegeArts and Sciences
Aaron is majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Apart from his fraternal duties, Aaron currently is an Information Specialist (tour guide) for Campus Information and Visitor Relations, a Cornell Ambassador on behalf of University Admissions, a Residential Advisor in Mews Hall, and an attorney and witness for the Cornell Mock Trial Association. In the past, he has spent two semesters in Anything Goes, Cornell's Original Musical Theater group. Shameless singing, sushi binging, and Super Smash Bros mark his favorite pastimes. Aaron is very excited to both benefit from and give back to the Acacia Fraternity in the coming semesters, years, and future phases of his life.
HometownVeracruz, Mexico
MajorMaterials Science & Chemistry
Jose Covarrubias is pursuing a dual-degree in Chemistry and Materials Science. With 28 characters, his full name is probably the longest one you will ever see (not today). During his free time, Jose enjoys watching mind-bending movies and exploring different musical genres with his M50x/Fiio combo. He also likes swimming and going to the gym to get swole. Jose wishes to contribute positively to the fraternity and to share good moments with his brothers at Acacia. Turn Up!
HometownAlexandria, VA
CollegeArts and Sciences
Joshua lived in all states of cultural significance on the east coast on his path to seek the truth in those around him. He enjoys taking long walks through the forest, placing flowers in his beard hairs, examining culinary displays, and competitive sleeping. While undecided in major he is certain in seeking knowledge through all means and hopes for a strong fraternal experience with his brothers in the lives to come.
HometownBrooklyn, NY
MajorChemical Engineering
Jackie is pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. He is an avid practitioner of kendo (Japanese fencing) and the culinary arts. His interests also include politics, building models, and bicycling. Although he dreams of making it big in the chemical industry, he secretly dreams of owning his own restaurant.
HometownKutztown, PA
CollegeArts and Sciences
Jovan Kemp is a boy that grew up mostly in the rolling cornfields of Pennsylvania and decided to move up a more hilly place in frigid New York to commence his studies. He is now majoring in Psychology. This guy likes to play basketball and practice a martial art called Kendo on his free time. On campus, he is the Vice-President of the Kendo Club and the co-secretary of the Students Onto Scholars organization. He is eager for the memorable times to be had with the brothers of Acacia.
HometownLakeville, CT
MajorLandscape Architecture
Cristian Umana is originally from El Salvador, but has spent most of his life in rural Connecticut. From a young age he explored the tropical surroundings of his native lands, growing to love the natural environment. It is for this reason that he is majoring in Landscape Architecture and minoring in Environmental Science. In his free time, Cristian indulges in a variety of hobbies including photography, playing assorted musical instruments, and smiling. Cristian is looking forward to his life long association with Acacia and is excited to contribute all that he can to the fraternity.