318 Highland Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
Centennial Capital Campaign

The Centennial celebration, held August 24-26, 2007, was a remarkable occasion. Cornell Acacians spanning multiple generations returned to Ithaca to rekindle bonds with their former classmates, reminisce about their time at the chapter house, and meet members from different age groups. Looking ahead, we must ensure that the chapter remains successful so that Cornellians can continue to be a part of our fraternity.
At the celebration, we formally launched our Centennial Capital Campaign, which spanned the next five years. Our total campaign goal was $345,000 by August 2012. The successful completion of this campaign helped to fund several important projects. We installed a sprinkler system, completed house maintenance that was unfunded for decades, and refurbished the Chapter Room, or library. We also grew our Acacia Fraternity Foundation chapter account to finance scholarships, leadership training programs, and other educational activities.
Before the Centennial, we received preliminary donation pledges totaling $85,000. In August 2012, we concluded the campaign at our Centennial+5 event. In five years, we have received numerous additional responses from alumni across the ages, reaching a final campaign total of $354,335. Thanks to your support towards this special fundraising effort, we have made the chapter more attractive to potential new members and kept the facility in good condition for years to come.
We thank all those Cornell Acacians who did their part to make this campaign succeed. Your generosity has enabled future Acacians to enjoy the opportunity we were so fortunate to have.