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Campaign Projects
All funds raised through the Centennial Capital Campaign will go towards projects essential to safeguarding the chapter's future. While there are many projects we would like to undertake, the following list represents what we would like to accomplish during the course of the campaign.
Fire-Suppressant Sprinkler System: $125,000
Despite the sprinkler system's significant cost, it is a necessity. Cayuga Heights has recommended for several years that high occupancy homes install sprinkler systems. We anticipate that this recommendation will become a requirement within the next few years. The safety of the active brothers justifies paying the high cost-we do not want the chapter to experience a tragedy that we could have prevented. Additionally, our relevant insurance premia will decline after we install the sprinklers.
Complete Planned House Improvements: $120,000
Several planned maintenance projects have been neglected over the years due to a lack of funding. These projects cover several areas from common room refurbishment to exterior improvements. Below are examples of the projects we now intend to complete:
  • Replace Commons Carpet, Curtains, & Furniture
  • Replace Kitchen Cabinets
  • Repair Stucco and Re-paint Exterior
  • Pave, Enlarge, and Overhaul Parking Lot
  • Add a Patio outside of Dining Room
  • Insulate, Carpet, and Heat Third Floor Dormitory
  • Replace Steam Furnace
  • Build Safety Fence for Service Entrance Ledge
  • Brick Front Walkway
  • Save for Upcoming Roof Replacement
Refurbish Chapter Library & Dedicated Study Areas: $40,000
The Chapter Library has had the same furniture since 1947. It is clearly time for an upgrade, and we hope to restore the room into a refined, traditional environment conducive to study. We plan to replace the current furniture with high quality wooden tables and chairs, refinish the room's wooden shelves and doors, replace the carpeting and curtains, touch up the walls and ceiling, install a glass-enclosed trophy case, and re-frame the historically significant pictures and documents hanging on the walls. We also plan to install a stained-glass window or ornate wood carving in the door from the Commons to the Chapter Room. We hope that the revitalized Chapter Library will serve as an alumni gift commemorating the Centennial. We also intend to replace some of the furniture currently in the second and third floor study rooms and complete other modest enhancements.
Increase Acacia Fraternity Foundation Chapter Account: $60,000 and up
Each Acacia Fraternity chapter has an account with the Acacia Fraternity Foundation (AFF). Funds from individual chapter accounts may be used towards educational expenses, leadership development programs, scholarships and other related activities. We hope to grow our account balance so that we may earn more through the associated investment returns, and thereby spend more on qualifying items. For example, we want to endow our annual freshman scholarship, an important rush tool for the spring.