318 Highland Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
Your Giving Plan
Please let us know when you plan to make payments and how you plan to split each payment between the chapter's Alumni House Corporation and our Acacia Fraternity Foundation chapter account.
Donations to the House Corporation are not tax deductible, but donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. We recommend contributing to the Corporation, since most of our planned projects, including the sprinkler system, do not qualify for Foundation funding. However, if you can receive a matching donation from your employer, or if you strongly prefer to give only on a tax deductible basis, we would be grateful to receive your contribution to the Foundation.
If you are 70 or older, you may be eligible to make your contribution as a one-time tax-free distribution from your IRA. Please contact us for more information on how to do this.
If you check this box, we will not list your name on the donor recognition plaque, in the Traveler, on the Campaign's web site, or in other Campaign materials.
Recognition Gifts
Based on your total donation amount, you are entitled to receive certain recognition gifts as a token of our appreciation. Please check the boxes on the form corresponding to the gifts you would like.
All donors are eligible to receive a hardcover copy of Acacia Fraternity at Cornell: The First Century. We highly recommend that you opt to receive the book, unless you have otherwise procured a copy. It provides a fascinating view into the chapter's history, and reflects countless hours of work by its author, Thomas Balcerski '05 (#1063).
Donors pledging at least $1,000 may also be entitled to a combination of the following items: Centennial Polo Shirt, Centennial T-Shirt, and Centennial Mug.
We will mail your gifts to you after we have received your first payment.
If you elect to receive any recognition gifts, the amount of your Foundation donation that we can recognize as tax deductible will decrease by the value of the gifts (in proportion to the percentage of your total planned donation you have designated for the Foundation). Your first payment to the Foundation will absorb the reduction. Gift values are listed below.
Example: You plan to give $2,500 total over the Campaign's five years, $500 each year, with half of the total ($1,250) going to the Corporation and half ($1,250) to the Foundation. Assuming that you receive recognition gifts totaling $40 in value, half of their value ($20) will reduce the tax deductible amount of your first payment to the Foundation. The Foundation will recognize a tax deductible donation of $230 in the first year and $250 in each subsequent year.
Centennial Polo Shirt
65% Polyester
35% Cotton
Centennial T-Shirt
100% Cotton
Gift Value: $30.00
(add $2.00 for XXL)
Gift Value: $18.00
(add $2.00 for XXL)

Chapter History Book
300 Pages
Centennial Mug
28 fl. oz.
Gift Value: $30.00 Gift Value: $20.00